Closing Out

Many of you got this. For those that didn't I am still very interested in your monies. Order before I have to go to the beer store again on friday and I will include a Darth Misfit t-shirt with every frame ordered. Other than that. There isn't a whole lot.

Twenty and Fourteen

Nothing more than the present not realized. Bike things should be the better in 2014. These comprise the plans I've made in my head of all the things I want. Breck Epic TransSylvania Epic Crank The Shield So on and so what... Not entirely unrealistic I set out to establish what it will take to realize the majority of these plans. And knowing is half the battle. Making way for the ...

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Happy Aluminiversary

At some point this year of twenty 14, Misfit Psycles will have survived to the ripe olde age of 10. All and entirely 9 years longer than I would have planned, had I planned it at all. And at least 5 years longer than the most generous of critics. Obviously. There will be a celebration of some wicked sort. As it is probably and totally likely assured that you will neither be invited nor ...

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Seasons Greedings

Shortly and probably this weekend there will be a newsletter of discounted importance. Subjects of note: diSSent ALC (Mk.iv) Clearance diSSent ALC (Mk.v) Details Yes. Both of these items are worth the intrusion. Sign up here. If you are looking for other swell items, the MisfitPsycles Society 6 store is running a promotion too. FREE SHIPPING FIVE DOLLARS OFF EACH ITEM That is, until midnight December 8.

Fuck Your Standards

And with those. Out go most of mine. Curmudgeonly as it may not be, I can no longer ignore that certain technologies are here to stay until such a time that they are replaced by other essentially unnecessary innovations. Some things I said probably never to (that is in the past) are in the nearly about phase of actually happening. TAPERED HEADTUBE REAR THRU AXLE Below is a production interpretation ...

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Three Wise Skulls.

As promised and not entirely past due... Misfit Psycles is pleased to announce...The Three Wise Skulls.Limited to 2013 Holiday Print. Available not unlike anything else. For money. All cards and posters will be sold on a first paid, first sold basis. Hurry. Be fast. No. Last year did not sell out. Unless you count selling out some 300 to Mike McCormack of Breck ...

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Happy Holideath

Just like that, Halloween is all and done. And much like that thoughts have moved towards the other holiday. The 2012 (and premier) Helliday Collectible was Zombie Claus. Arguably un-topable. So. Challenge accepted. Concept 1 - Frostdeath The Snowman. Concept 2 - Immaculate Deception. Concept 3 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeath. Concept 4 - The Three Dead Men. No matter which goes forward, thousands will's that.

The Hangover Only Lasted Four Days

Another Anti-Race and Del-Stalk has come and bi-gone. The NINTH ANNUAL, by all of my counts. In so many ways a proper return to a much lesser glory. Despite many a Facepage assurance (peaking at 28 the day prior), only EIGHT* hearty-as-fuck souls** braved Collingwoods best. * Not to be lost on me, that is the very same number as the inaugural year, 2005. ** As of that Saturday past, there are now only ...

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The Anti-Contest

Maybe you'll be in attendance. Maybe you suck. This contest* is open to both and all. Simply answer the following question, correctly, without being wrong; How many bottles of Jager will be consumed during Anti-Race 2013? Obviously, without knowing the specifics of attendance and weather this contest will be not entirely unlike guessing the number of Skittles in a jar of indeterminate size. For the purposes of my concern, so? If ...

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Anti-Race Del-Stalk Itinerary

There are those that, due in some small part to my propensity for rambling and the most rest of the part due to their inability to understand ramblings in the first place, are not entirely and totally up to speed on the 2013 Edition of ANTI-RACE and DEL-STALK. As mentioned previously, there are some changes for 2013, good ones. In the event that there are still some holes, let us fill them ...

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Del-Stalk Anti-Race 2013 – Official Capacity

I shall furthermore and henceforth assume for all that late is still better than never, at least as it pertains to the minutia surrounding this years DEL-STALK and ANTI-RACE. First matter of the most utmost importance. The 2013 poster has been completed: Not inarguably, my single solitary greatest work. EVER. Poster quantities will be limited to the number of CONFIRMED persons, give or take a few. This poster will be more ...

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Get Off of the Computer and Into My Race

The following text was delivered at some oddly hour yesterday; I want you (at Crank next year). Wanna swap some marketing, ideas, networking (your penis) for registration? Sean. Specifics have all but been concealed until details can be concluded. In timely news. I was directed to make use of this video. So this seems like the right place for it. Suffice to say. I responded. Sure. Like. Okay. Peter So. ...

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250$ Off

Short and sweet. Seasons end is all but upon us. So, to free up some space (of mind and warehouse) it's time to shave a few dollars off of the diSSent ALC. Coupon Code: BUYNOW Will get you 250$ off the SRP. The code only works on the diSSent ALC but it can be combined for FREE shipping in Canada. Good until October 15 -or- when inventory says so. Thats the it. &...

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Not entirely unbeknownst to the mish-masses, Misfit Psycles has (once again) latched itself on (in a predictably dissentient manner) to yet another trending bicycle (industry) twist of phraseology, ENDURO™. Our opening volley. The intention? Actually End Enduro™ or Sell More (of our) Shit without incurring expenses ordinarily associated with actually trying to promote a business. Of course, my hopes lay with the latter because the former is just a word ...

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Yang to the Ying

Straight out of this get gate I want to make it entirely clear and present to all, what you are about to read is an intentional attempt to counteract any and all niceties that could be (erroneously) construed as weakness following yesterdays (excellent) post: Do It For The Children. I say that to be safe. A disclaimer of sorts. Because, as it so happens to be, a suggestion for a ...

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