Just dropped and official.

Not the event.
Our participation.

BIKE RUMO(u)R Media Cup.

FACT:  Inclusion was offered to the more popular and influential media types attending the BRECK EPIC.

FACT:  When that list quickly ran out those same media-moguls determined they needed someone to beat.

FACT:  LIESNSHITE is widely considered neither popular nor influential*.

*We consider our exclusion from ALL lists to be our single greatest acknowledgement.

FACT:  Identifiers such as POPULAR and INFLUENTIAL are undesirable indicators of mainstream approval.  Designations statistically applied to sites/corporations/personas in accordance to some diabolical OMG BFF cyber-system of social conformity.

FACT:  We don’t want to be popular, we don’t want to be influential.  That’s our story.  That’s why.

CONCLUSION:  The man is trying to co-opt our social impotence!

  • dicky

    I thought you would know better.

    Obviously it’s a trap!!!!

  • Peter

    I’m beginning to think my sole solitary and only job is to make you look better…let’s face it…I’ve been making shite look good for some 39 years now…


  • Bikerumor


  • Mk.

    “Peter Keiller, evil blogger from Misfit Psycles who mostly just posts pictures”


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