So many messes, too few less-esteemed minions willing to work for praise and Dicky fodder.

As it is, there are no less than 8 Corporate Psycles projects under(my)way and in desperate need of conclusion.
Some old, some news.
Each important in its own light.
All stalled somewhere along and long before completion.

In no particular order:

  • Misfit Psycles (OCA) Affiliation
  • Misfit Psycles Influencer Initiative
  • Misfit Psycles Jersey
  • Misfit Dealers web-store
  • 2013 Race/Event/Tour scheduling


Misfit Psycles Top Secrets Revealed


Soon and soon again, never soon enough.

  • dicky


    Rick Assy Edition

  • dicky

    That and a FD mount… perhaps a 15mm thru fjork?

  • Lee

    Just re-issue that black and grey jersey from a few years ago, and call it the Fourth (?) Anniversary Edition of the Black and Grey Misfit Jersey. Done and done!

  • dough

    how about a 44mm head tube?

  • Lee

    Fjork? Is that Norwegian for “fork”, Dicky?

  • Mike

    44mm head tube would be nice, derailleur mounts and cable guides for them are causing me waves of nausea.

  • Lee to enlarge the sketch image, Peter? Dirty pool, sir. Dirty pool.

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