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misfit psycles are fucking dead


Celebrate the Aluminum Anniversary: Misfit Psycles diSSent ' X '

Pretty much most entirely the same. Just by way of more totally different standards.

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diSSent 'X' Images

Each worth a thousand words, keep the change

diSSent 'X' Edition 44mm Head-Tube

The 44mm Head-Tube of the diSSent 'X' accomodates greater headset options (combinations), with that, multiple steerers.

Misfit Psycles 12mm Sliders and Axle

Mk.V sliders use the long time tested Misfit Psycles slider design and are backwards compatible with prior generations.

diSSent 'X' with Optional DT Swiss Axle

Mk.V Thru-Axle sliders will co-operate equally well with both the Misfit Psycles Thru-Axle (optional) and DT Swiss 12mm axle (optional).

Anniversary X Edition Black Paint

Not shown are the Custom 'X' Edition Accoutrements (decals, badges, etc) included with ONLY the first 20 frames sold.

Mk.V Sliders Shown in Optional Emerald

The Mk.V slider offers chain (tension) adjustment greater than other slider or eccentric systems, without the hassle.

12mm Thru Axle Sliders in Emerald

Thru-Axle systems use different interfaces and varied threads. The Mk.V slider will work with both the Misfit Psycles and DT Swiss Axle.

Misfit Psycles (Optional) Thru Axle

The Misfit Psycles Axle is a custom built bolt style design. Simple. No additional tools as it uses the same allen key as the sliders themselves.

Optional Emerald (X Edition) Components

Available only to early purchasers, the diSSent 'X' Edition frame can be complimented by Limited Edition Components.

diSSent 'X' Features

These are the things of much greatness

Misfit Psycles 12mm Thru-Axle

12mm Thru-Axle

The diSSent 'X' ships with genuine Misfit Psycles 12mm Thru-Axle diSSent Mk.V sliders. These Mk.V sliders are compatible with the Misfit Psycles or the DT Swiss axle (not included). Like any 'standard' that wasn't the 'standard' last time we checked, the 12mm Thru-Axle is not without detractors. For those people we are happy to confirm that the (olde) other standard (quick release) Misfit Psycles diSSent Mk.IV sliders are still available and totally interchangeable.

Misfit Psycles Oversized Headtube

44mm Head-Tube

There is no denying that Misfit Psycles had hoped that the non-standard new-standard steerer options would go away. They didn't. The Misfit Psycles diSSent 'X' will be manufactured with an over-sized headtube designed to accept 44mm headsets. So, maybe you want tapered, maybe you want something moresized, maybe you want what you already have. By using a full (non tapered) head tube you can install a greater range of headsets and (as such) forks...without judgement.

Misfit Psycles diSSent X is made in Canada

Made in Canada

Many and a few years ago Misfit Psycles offered a small batch of diSSent AL frames (aptly re-named the AL-C) that were manufactured domestically, of domestic materials, and sold at a domestic prices. As was expected the quality was higher and the volume was lower. Not a terrible trade. If you were able to get one. In keeping with this most excellent idea, the diSSent 'X' will be exclusively manufactured in Canada in only one very small batch (no more than 150 frames).

Limited Edition diSSent X

Limited Edition

Misfit Psycles turns ten some time in 2014. It only makes sense that we would release an anniversary (X) edition of something or another. In this case, the this could and just might be the last diSSent frame (ever) made. But. Even if it's not, which it might not be. There won't be very many of the diSSent 'X' manufactured. One hundred and fifty (at most) to be specific. Available exclusively on a first come, first sold basis. Sorry dealers, this diSSent is direct from PsycleStore only.

Saving our Best for Last since 2004

diSSent 'X' Pricing

From pre-order through to June delivery



  • Smug Indifference and No T-Shirt
  • Flat Shipping $70 (US/Canada)
  • Leftover Availability Only
  • Last Chance Order

Until February Fifteen


  • Limited Edition T-Shirt
  • 'X' Edition Accoutrements
  • 12mm Misfit Thru-Axle
  • Certificate of Somesuch
  • Optional 'X' Edition Components
  • Expedited Shipping (US/Canada)
  • Super Limited (20 Frames)
Until March One


  • Limited Edition T-Shirt
  • Certificate of Somesuch
  • Optional 'X' Edition Components
  • Standard Shipping (US/Canada)
  • Very Limited (30 Frames)
Until April One


  • Limited Edition T-Shirt
  • Flat Shipping $45 (US/Canada)
  • Pretty Limited (50 Frames)
Until April Thirty


  • Optional Limited T-Shirt (+20$)
  • Flat Shipping $60 (US/Canada)
  • Still Limited (50 Frames)

diSSent 'X' Availability

Not unlike patience, very limited and going fast

One in 150 One in 1,000,000
(Up to) A mere 150 diSSent 'X' frames will be made

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